Beauty product providers are always going on and on about creams and serums designed to prevent women from gaining wrinkles and even claiming to reverse the process of ageing skin. With so much focus being placed on how to give women access to the fountain of youth, men are often left behind and forgotten, their needs for anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle skincare slipping through the cracks.


However, men have just as much claim to smoother, brighter, and younger-looking skin. So, to the men out there looking for the best way to tap into the fountain of youth – here is everything you need to know!


Facial Lotion and Ageing Creams


You might not know the difference between facial lotion and cream and just pick up a facial lotion that smells nice and expect it to make your wrinkles vanish. Wrong!


Facial lotion has a light composition, while, to contrast, creams are a little bit more substantial. They provide your skin with longer-lasting hydration. Lotions are a blend of liquid and oil and are lighter than creams with their higher percentage of liquid when compared to creams. Your skin absorbs these lotions more easily than creams.


On the other hand, creams have more oil in them, making them like a thick, soft butter. Your skin can still absorb them easily, and their moisturizing properties last longer than that of lotions.


When Are Anti-Ageing Products Right for You?


You might be wondering, what is the right age to start using these products? Well, in your 20s, your skin can repair itself completely without assistance. If you use this product in your 20s when you don’t need it, it might irritate your skin, make it more sensitive in the sun, and cause acne and breakouts.


However, if you’re noticing your forehead crinkling and crow’s feet forming around your eyes, then you can start to use anti-ageing moisturizers. Your 30s are a good time to start considering all of this!


What Ingredients to Look For


When comparing the different anti-wrinkle face cream options on the market, ingredients are what matter most. Here are the different ingredients that you should keep an eye out for if you want the best results and to avoid wasting your time!


  • Vitamin C: This helps protect your skin from sun damage. It can be found in high amounts in certain fruits such as Guava, which has 377 mg (over 628% DV), per fruit, Black Currant which has 203 mg (over 338% DV) per cup and Red pepper which contains 190 mg (over 317% DV) per cup. At FOLS, we always prefer to go for natural ingredients and for that reason, our anti-ageing cream has a high concentration of blackcurrant oil.
  • Hydroxy acids: These substances exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin. It also stimulates the growth of new, evenly pigmented, smooth skin.
  • Retinol: This Vitamin A compound is an antioxidant that can help to reduce wrinkles.
  • Coenzyme Q10: This substance aids in reducing find wrinkles around your eyes and shields your skin from sun damage.
  • Grape seed extract: This anti-inflammatory antioxidant promotes wound healing.
  • Tea extracts: Extracts of black, green, and red tea contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities. Green tea is the most common extract you’ll find in these products.
  • Niacin amide: This potent antioxidant is related to Vitamin B-3 and helps reduce loss of water in your skin and increases elasticity.

The Best Natural Anti-Wrinkle Creams For Men

Of course, we would suggest our own Moisturising Anti-Ageing Cream, but we’re not that narcissistic. We also know that there are some other great products out there using natural ingredients. For example:

Lifestyle Changes


If you’re really serious about slowing the process of ageing, then slathering some cream on your face really isn’t going to cut it completely. You’re also going to need to make some lifestyle changes if you want the absolute best results. Here are some things you can do in your life to keep your skin looking young, bright, and beautiful for the long-haul:


  • Keep your skin protected from the sun
  • Use products with SPF protection
  • Use moisturizers daily
  • Don’t smoke
  • Drink plenty of water


The Verdict


With the right anti-ageing men products for you, and with a few subtle but powerful changes to your lifestyle, you can combat the effects of ageing and keep your skin looking young and healthy for years to come! For the best products on the market, shop our anti-ageing range now!