The use of Aloe Vera in skincare goes back all the way to the Egyptians. It wasn’t just Cleopatra that was using it though since men can also benefit from some very specific properties of the plant. In this post, we will break down all the details surrounding this magical plant and its use in the treatment of acne, eczema, skin burn, and many other ailments in the male skin.


Main effects:


What does it do?


If you’ve ever tried a product with Aloe Vera Gel, you’re probably familiar with its cooling effect. That by itself can cause instant relief if you’ve been afflicted¬†by dry skin, eczema or a burn.

The main benefits go beyond this instant relief though, and they are caused by the Auxin and Gibberellins plant hormones. These hormones are responsible for plant growth and as such have healing properties. They accelerate new skin growth, allowing the replenishing of cells. When you allow the skin to absorb the gel, the hormones will kick-in.

For these reasons, it’s also a great ingredient to have in your after-shave, as it helps combat any harshness caused by the blades.


How is it created?


There are two main forms in which Aloe Vera is used: As an essential oil, in which the insides of the aloe vera plant are distilled into an oil, or directly as organic matter. In the latter case, the impact will be greater, whilst the former method is used to capture its scent.

Can it have any negative side effects?


Hardly. In our case, we use organic aloe vera so you don’t even have to worry about the marginal effects potentially caused by pesticides.


Overall recommendation

Aloe Vera is as safe as it gets. In our Lavender Repair Gel, it is one of the organic active ingredients, and its effect can be felt right after using. It cools down the face and attacks any burns or dry patches of skin.