Usually, the first thing people notice about you is your face, and it also happens to be the last thing to be forgotten. That explains why the 21st century men are keen on taking better care of the face and the skin by investing in quality skin care products. The goal is to keep the skin blemish and wrinkle-free. And by taking care of your skin, we don’t mean that you need to clock hours in front of your bathroom mirror or using the fancy facial products used by your spouse.


Before you begin cursing your family genes for your skin problems or looks, you need to ask yourself if your lifestyle habits and skincare routine are up to par. Fighting ageing is simpler than most people think. If you take only 5 minutes a day, you can achieve a lot. In this post, we’ve gathered all the best scientific resources on male anti-ageing to come up with a hassle-free skincare and lifestyle routine.

Male Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine


Finding the perfect male skin care routine can appear challenging. With a multitude of products and endless skin care advice to choose from, it can become difficult to identify where you should focus. The key to success lies in basically cleaning and moisturising your skin every day as well as implementing several other skin maintenance basics. This entails finding and using the right products.

Youtuber Alpha m. has a pretty complete 5 minute night-time routine which includes taking vitamins, cleaning the body, hair, and face. We recommend start watching at around the 3 minute mark to see what a super simple and effective face skincare routine looks like:


  • Exfoliator

Each day, your skin constantly sheds skin cells in their millions.  Sometimes, however, those cells tend to build up and accumulate on the skin surface and require some additional assistance to be removed completely. Exfoliating the skin removes those dead cells that have over time accumulated in your pores. For those men with acne, breakouts or blackheads, you cannot afford to miss this important skin care routine.

The best time to exfoliate is before moisturising. Most dermatologists recommend that exfoliating should be done between one and three times weekly, although this will largely be dependent on your specific skin type and its reaction to exfoliation. It’s good to experiment and identify what routine gives you optimal results.

There are simple home-made granule exfoliators such as your traditional sugar or salt scrub. Both granule and chemical exfoliators are effective tools when you want to remove dead skin cells, although chemical exfoliating ingredients such as BHA and AHA are many times more effective in terms of removing buildup by getting deep into your skin pores.


A key part of ageing is losing your skin collagen. This is the stuff responsible for keeping your skin youthful and taut. As you grow older, your skin produces less and less of this stuff leading to wrinkles. Sun damage and dehydration also contributes to wrinkles. If you only use one product per day, let it be the moisturiser. A good men’s anti-ageing moisturising cream fights this natural tendency using powerful hydrating ingredients which put a break on your ageing process and prevents future wrinkles.

A moisturising cream also prevents flakiness and dryness. Find one that works well for your specific skin type. Men with an oily skin should ideally go for lighter moisturisers while those with drier skin should try richer and use heavier creams.

Our moisturiser is suitable for both skin types, though it works best for dry skin. It uses neroli as its main active ingredient, which has scientifically proved anti-ageing benefits:



  • Cleanser

To cleanse or wash your skin, you can purchase a cleanser from any men’s skincare brand, though to be honest, it will probably be as effective as cleaning your face with a good bar of soap while having a shower.


For your male anti-ageing routine, skin care experts recommend you to avoid harsh bar soaps as they generally tend to dry out the skin causing an overproduction of sebum. These are the natural oils produced by your skin for protection which also play a key part in clogging pores and skin breakouts.

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  • Eye Serum

Nothing will make a man look older than he actually is than puffiness and dark circles under the eyes—the result of poor blood circulation. A good eye cream for men will treat these issues using powerful moisturisers combined with caffeine. Moisturisers promote the production of collagen and skin pigmentation while caffeine promotes better blood circulation.One of the most noticeable signs of ageing is seen in the eyes, more specifically, the presence of bags under them. To avoid this, use an eye serum every morning and evening.


Key nutrients and vitamins to look for in an eye serum:


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Selenium Diets




  • Drink Lots of Water

This has become a one-size-fits all advice for anti-ageing but its importance can’t be overstated. Water helps in combating skin hydration, keeping it glistening. Drinking lots of water helps in removing waste products and toxins from your body thus cleansing the skin. Water increases the elasticity of your skin and replenishes skin tissue keeping it looking youthful.


  • Get Enough Sleep

When you deprive your body enough sleep, it tends to produce more cortisol, the stress hormone. Elevated cortisol levels potentially lead to more body stress, hurting the quality of your skin. It’s during sleep that most of your skin is restored. Getting plenty of it will allow your body to do a better job at regenerating your ageing skin.


Relaxing Routine Men


  • Avoid Stress

We know this is isn’t an easy task for either men or women, but in the long-term, it might be the most effective lifestyle change. As noted above, when you are stressed, more cortisol is released leading to fat accumulation which can make your skin oily, full of acne and wrinkled. Cortisol is also known to decrease the natural production of a natural moisturiser, hyaluronic acid.


  • Avoid Getting Your Skin Burned

Spending lots of time outdoors under the sun is fun, but suffering from the subsequent sunburn is definitely not. If you want your skin to stay youthful and healthy, avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight by using a sunscreen application.

  • Eat and Stay Healthy

There are many ways of fighting the process of male ageing. Your nutrition and diet certainly have a big impact. If you live a sedentary lifestyle and love junk food, you definitely cannot expect to age gracefully nor have great skin. Fitness also matters because even a little weekly exercise will aid your anti-aging efforts.

Your largest body organ is the skin, and it’s also prone to many health risks. Skin cancer is among the fastest growing risks today, impacting many people. Men should ensure that they check their skin status every 3 months to track and detect any skin changes early.



After age 20, you are now a grown man and certainly, you don’t need to maintain smooth baby skin, but those early wrinkles are certainly also not good either. Why should you miss out on the endless benefits of a youthful looking and young skin? Use quality anti-aging skincare products if you want to improve your general appearance.

Of course, you cannot turn back the clock but it’s possible to make others believe that is exactly what is happening to you by staying fit, healthy, and taking care of your skin. Use the basic male anti-ageing routine and products described above to prevent common skin problems and you shall remain forever young.