How to Wash Your Face – A Guide for Men

You may be mistaken to assume that washing the face is actually a pretty easy and straightforward daily routine. A simple splash of water with soap and you think you are good to go? Well, it turns out that many men tend to complicate the face washing process, or even more commonly, skip a vital step. This leads to irritation, dryness, and skin breakouts.


However, a couple of simple rules come into play in terms of ensuring that you are indeed getting the face washing job done properly without harming your delicate facial skin. Men, if you are in the habit of jumping out of bed in the morning, grabbing that bar soap and water, and in 5-10 seconds you are done, then it’s time you took your skincare game a step higher.


With this guide, learn how to wash your face properly, when to do the washing, and how to do it. But first of all, learn something about your skin.

Know Your Skin Type


Before you put any product on your skin or starting on any type of skin care routine, it’s vital to know your particular skin type.

  • Sensitive or dry skin – When you take a shower, do you experience skin dryness for several hours? If that is the case, yours is probably a dry skin. After a shower, does your skin turn red for a couple of hours? If so, then probably you have sensitive skin.
  • Oily skin – If most of the time your whole face has an oily shine, then in all probability, you have an oily skin. If the only oily zone is on the nose or forehead, yet the cheeks often feel dry, then what you have is a combo type skin.
  • Normal skin – Your skin is probably normal if you can wash your face or take a shower without experiencing any dryness or sensitivity.

Once you have known your specific skin type, you should then buy the best face wash for men products meant for your particular skin. Most natural face wash for men products will list on the label the type of skin they are suited for. This is vital because buying a face wash that is not designed for your skin type will not only be money wasted but could potentially harm your skin.

In the case of our brand, for example, we often include allantoin, which does wonder for dry skin, allowing your skin to retain moisture at a higher rate. It is present in our moisturiser and our daily face wash for men, for example.

 Bucket with Face Wash and Skincare Products

When to Wash


You should wash your face twice daily—in the morning on waking up and before going to bed. Cleansing your face in the morning helps in refreshing and brightening it up for the day ahead.

For a male with an oily skin, you might want to bring a small face wash bottle to the workplace and give your face a mid-day cleanse that will get rid of that excess shine. Washing at night before bed allows for the removal of bacteria, oil, and other impurities from sitting in your facial pores while you sleep. Washing in the morning will energise you and protect the skin from the environment throughout the day.

Use Lukewarm Water and a good face wash


Often, men are guilty of using harsh face scrubs, soaps and taking super-hot showers. Despite the fact that splashing cold water might wake you up faster when washing your face, always use lukewarm water. When your skin is exposed to water that is too cold or too hot, you tend to shock your entire system, and this stresses out the skin. However, after washing, a quick splash of cold water refreshes and helps in closing up your skin pores.

Wash Strategically


Where you start and finish washing your face will really depend on your lifestyle and particular skin type.

If you sweat in particular areas like the forehead, or tend to experience a build-up of oil or have acne, first wash everywhere else and wash the affected area last so that you can get rid of any excess residue.


Here’s how you can incorporate a face wash into your routine:


When taking a shower, save the face washing until the end.

This becomes particularly effective as you will also be removing any residue of shampoo and conditioner.

When ready to clean your face, rub a small amount of your preferred natural face wash into the palm of your hand and work it into a smooth, slight lather before applying to your face.


Whether you opt to use a washcloth or wash using your hands, be gentle. Many men believe that the harder the body or face is scrubbed, the more effectively they are getting rid of oil and dirt, especially those with facial hair.

Gently rub the face wash all over the face, working up into the hairline and even around the neck. Avoid rubbing into the skin too hard as this might irritate or stretch out your skin. Once rubbed in, allow the natural ingredients in the face wash to absorb into your skin for around 15 seconds.


Carefully rinse off your face using cool water as it helps to close up the facial pores. Many men will take the time to properly wash but tend to skip out on the process of rinsing, which is equally important. To avoid possible skin breakouts, ensure you have removed all of the cleanser and don’t overlook the jaw and hairlines.


Finishing Up Your Face Wash


After properly washing your face, it’s important that you put back hydration into your skin. Even the best face wash for men will remove some essential oils from your skin; therefore, replacing them becomes vital if you are to maintain healthy, firm male skin. After washing, use a quality facial moisturizer. Yes, every male should use a moisturizer!

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Whatever you drink gets naturally secreted out from the body in some way. This will, of course, affect your skin. For a healthy and glowing skin, drink plenty of water daily. If you tend to break out a lot during the night, it’s a good idea to have your pillowcase washed weekly. Alternatively, every night, sleep with a fresh towel on your face.

Exfoliating your skin once or twice per week with the right scrub helps in removing dead skin cells that refuse to naturally shed off. With a good face wash product and proper cleaning process, your skin will not only look brighter but your face pores will also be clearer.