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peach sorbitol

Ingredient Breakdown: biosaccharide gum 1

Welcome to Ingredient Breakdown, a new blog segment in which we try to explain in plain English those hard to pronounce ingredients that are commonly found in s...
Black Man Skin Care Face Wash

Using a Men’s Face Wash to Treat Acne

You probably thought you were through with those unsightly zits after saying goodbye to high school teenage years but the truth is that age doesn’t always guara...
Man Black Face Wash

How to Wash Your Face – A Guide for Men

You may be mistaken to assume that washing the face is actually a pretty easy and straightforward daily routine. A simple splash of water with soap and you thin...
Borage Oil For Male Skincare

The Benefits of Borage Oil for Male Skin

Due to the demands of modern life, men all over the world are increasingly preoccupied with their appearance, with special focus on skin health (the leading seg...