How Men Can Properly Protect and Preserve Their Skin Without Smelling (or Feeling) Like a Little Girl

Any dermatologist worth his weight will tell you that you must protect your skin. Even in cloudy days, the effect of UV rays on our skin is immense and most of the time, we leave our faces unprotected. If you think about it, it makes no sense: The largest organ in our body, the first point of contact with germs and the elements, is often the most neglected. It’s even worse when you realize that men have skin cancer at double the rate than women do, with close to 6 500 deaths a year being caused by melanoma.


This is crazy- But why does it happen?


Most people simply don’t care about protecting the skin because it takes effort. This is particularly true with men for whom sunscreen is usually a hassle to use and the smell can be unpleasant and intense. Few products cater to this audience, and that’s part of the reason we started FOLS, but that’s a story for another post.


Today, we will teach you how to protect your skin and actually enjoy it. It’s a simple moisturising routine that you can do after shaving and will keep your face fresh and protected. Doing this routine will also prevent the formation of wrinkles and will keep you looking young as you age.


Here’s How:


Step 1- Wash Your Face

When you wake up, and/or before you go to bed, you should always wash your face. This doesn’t need to be done with expensive products and in fact, can be done in the shower, but it’s important that you clean your face with some kind of soap or wash.

Men's Face Wash

After washing, pat some water on your face. The temperature of the water is a highly heated (no pun intended) debate with some people defending that hot water opens the pores allowing your skin to better moisturise, and others claiming that cold water tightens the skin and helps prevent wrinkles. In our opinion, any of the extremes are bad, and we advise our costumers to apply lukewarm water. This is an important step to make sure you make the most of the moisturiser and is particularly needed if you didn’t do step 1.


Pat Cold Water on Face Men


We find this to be quite therapeutic, actually. Especially if you’re into aromatherapy and spa sessions. It also provides some instant relief and energy boost.


One final tip when choosing your daily moisturiser with SPF: figure out whether you have dry or oily skin. Ask yourself: Do you ever remember having itchy or cracked skin? Especially 30 to 60 mins after having a hot shower? If you do, then your skin is dry. If you don’t, it tends to be oily. Here’s what to do with this information: If you have dry skin, you should look for moisturisers with plenty of oil, whilst oily skinned people should go for a water-based moisturiser. Our moisturiser combines both with a protective cream that is suited for a “normal” type of skin, tending to dry sometimes.


It is estimated that a t-shirt is an equivalent, in SPF terms, of a factor of around 3. Our moisturiser has naturally occurring SPF from its ingredients in a factor of around 6, which should be enough for most people in moderate climates. Please note that if you live in a particularly sunny country and/or your skin is very light, you should look for stronger protection. If not, we have to suggest our own product, as it’s the only one that we know of that is made with natural ingredients for men and has been thoroughly tested: